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Laura V.

Laura is a French freelance Concept Artist and illustrator based in Lyon. She studied in Bellecour Ecole in Lyon and learned Academic Art, concept art, digital painting and Anatomy aswell as many other disciplines. She is inspired by nature, fantasy and magic to create environments, creatures and characters! She self learned animation and she is still learning to make the best illustrations and animation possible!


Lofi Girl Halloween

Sneak peek into our studio magic! Crafting the Halloween edition of Lofi Girl's Radio 🎃🍂. From spooky tunes to bewitching visuals, we're all about setting the vibe this season. Stay tuned and get ready to chill with a twist!

Lofi Girl Radio Rework

Lofi Studio's team has successfully refreshed the look of Lofi Girl's radio by matching it better with the style of the compilations while still preserving the essence of the original visual. Additionally, we have created a 9:16 adaptation of the animation to stream live on TikTok, ensuring that the content is optimized for the platform's vertical video format.

As part of the refresh, we have completely re-designed and re-animated the cat as well as the background of Lofi Girl's room. We have also added some hidden surprises, known as "Easter eggs," for viewers to discover and enjoy. Can you find them all?

Overall, the updated visual of Lofi Girl's radio is a cohesive and aesthetically pleasing experience that reflects the vibe of the Lofi music genre. It is designed to create a relaxing and immersive atmosphere for listeners to enjoy while studying, working, or simply unwinding.

Rocket League Frosty Fest

An animated loop and accompanying video were created to showcase the collaboration between the popular video game Rocket League and Lofi Girl during the in-game event, Frosty Fest.
We also worked on social media assets like the short cartoon to advertise the collaboration on the Lofi Girl socials.

Team :
Carole : Executive Creative Director and Producer
Margaux Peltat : Illustrator
Ameily :  Lofi Girl Animation
Laura V. : Lofi Cat Animations and compositing
NOD : Screen Animations
Sarah : Cartoon Illustration