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Margaux Peltat

Margaux Peltat is a French freelance Illustrator based in Paris. During her Art studies at Bellecour School and Emile Cohl School in Lyon, where she’s born, she learned Academic drawing and painting, Anatomy, Illustration, Digital Painting and many other disciplines. Her work is inspired by Magic, Nature, Childhood and she loves painting dreamy and relaxing atmospheres !


The LEGO Group and Lofi Girl Collaboration Teaser

Our mission was to craft a teaser video that would serve as the first glimpse into the collaboration between Lofi Girl and the LEGO Group. Through this teaser, we aimed to generate excitement, curiosity, and anticipation among fans, leaving them eager to explore the possibilities of this unique partnership.
Our creative team worked to ensure that the teaser video and social post visuals were a fusion of Lofi Girl's chill vibes and LEGO®Ideas' playful spirit. We delved deep into the essence of both brands, extracting their unique qualities and weaving them together into a cohesive narrative.

Stay tuned for the full reveal of the Lofi Girl and the LEGO Group collaboration, where music meets imagination in a harmonious blend of tranquility and creativity. Join us on this journey as we continue to break boundaries, explore new horizons, and inspire a world where art knows no limits.

Restful Holidays

Sun’s out, vibes are out - summer’s officially here! Bathe in the warm sunlight, or take a refreshing dip in crystal-blue water with Lofi Girl in the latest compilation ‘’, featuring 41 lofi artists worldwide; a handful of new faces have come to join the beach party, along with some old-school favourites. Exotic instruments from ukuleles to maracas, sizzling melodies and grainy beats will whirl you far away to a lush tropical paradise. Lay down in the cool shade, press play, and feel your worries slip away below the rocks…

Watty Awards

WattPad approached Lofi Studio with an intriguing request: to design the perfect visual companion for their authors. Eager to bring this vision to life, we set out to create a character that embodies a promising young writer fully engrossed in crafting their next literary masterpiece. Our team skillfully crafted a warm and inviting atmosphere by incorporating bright, vibrant colors and elements that evoke a cozy and inspirational ambiance.

Through meticulous attention to detail, our character exudes the essence of a passionate writer, surrounded by elements that foster creativity and comfort. This unique visual representation not only resonates with authors but also serves as a source of motivation and encouragement throughout their writing journey.

With the combination of WattPad's vision and Lofi Studio's creativity, we successfully crafted the ideal visual companion, encouraging authors to delve deeper into their imaginations and create captivating stories that touch the hearts of readers worldwide.


Lofi Girl Radio Rework

Lofi Studio's team has successfully refreshed the look of Lofi Girl's radio by matching it better with the style of the compilations while still preserving the essence of the original visual. Additionally, we have created a 9:16 adaptation of the animation to stream live on TikTok, ensuring that the content is optimized for the platform's vertical video format.

As part of the refresh, we have completely re-designed and re-animated the cat as well as the background of Lofi Girl's room. We have also added some hidden surprises, known as "Easter eggs," for viewers to discover and enjoy. Can you find them all?

Overall, the updated visual of Lofi Girl's radio is a cohesive and aesthetically pleasing experience that reflects the vibe of the Lofi music genre. It is designed to create a relaxing and immersive atmosphere for listeners to enjoy while studying, working, or simply unwinding.

Synthwave Radio Teasers

Series of teasers and events to announce the new radio on Lofi Girl's channel.


Lofi Girl - Synthwave Radio Live

Introducing a brand new character in the Lofi World, we bring to you the genre of Synthwave - beats to chill/game to! 🌌

Get ready to fully immerse yourselves in the new realm of retro-futuristic sounds and join us as we embark on a journey through time and space, exploring the wonders of Synthwave and unravelling the mysteries of the Lofi World! Whether you're gaming, studying or you just want to chill, our new Synthwave 24/7 livestream is the perfect companion to your everyday routine.

South Pole - WYS

WYS has arrived in time to rescue winter with his album ‘South Pole’: a chilling, but warmly-welcomed sequel to the highly-acclaimed ‘North Pole’. Bundle up and grab your sled for this short, nostalgia-filled auditory trip. Comforting guitar riffs feel cosy as woollen gloves, and bittersweet melodies like icy serenades, together with soothing gusts of wind, will send you adrift into the endless expanse of white. A quiet, faraway place you can always return to - where the ice never melts, and your favourite memories are preserved beneath the sleeping glaciers. Close your eyes, and let your mind drift off in the snowstorm…

Team :
Carole : Executive Producer
Margaux : Illustrator
OKA Media : Animation

Best of 2022

2023 is nearly here, and it’s time to reflect on the past year and the memories we’ve created. Join Lofi Girl on the rooftops and admire a beautiful firework display, while reliving your personal experiences in the best way possible - through lofi hip hop! The ‘Best of 2022’ compilation is here, consisting of 79 tracks meticulously hand-picked from releases in an assortment of styles - more importantly, discover the remarkably talented beatmakers and illustrators behind your listening experiences, whose timeless creations are celebrated. This year brought its own unique set of victories and defeats, struggles and joys; these are just some of the special tracks that accompanied you along the way..

Lonely Days

As the nights get colder and longer, we often lose touch with those around us. Nights when loneliness takes hold of us as our only dependable friend, and our imagination becomes the universe; forever questioning the existence of our own reality, while perpetually stuck in an emotional limbo.. Delve into your thoughts with ‘Lonely Nights’, the latest Lofi Girl compilation featuring 31 artists worldwide. Soft beats, melancholic pianos, lulling guitars and a range of other instruments are knitted together like a warm blanket to bring ease and comfort for as long as you need. Focus on the ingressing dawn light, close your eyes, and breathe in - this feeling is only temporary, and better days are on their way.


Mutations - Dimension32

Dimension 32 is back with a deviant treat right in time for Halloween with ‘Mutations’. Hauntingly beautiful electric guitars, for which the Parisian musician is renowned, pierce the still night with their sound, echoed by atmospheric drums, synths and skin-prickling orchestral strings in an eerie juxtaposition. These different elements converge to the birth of something new and aberrated - only the forest creatures will witness.

Team :
Carole : Executive Producer
Margaux Peltat : Illustrator
Anders Sundstedt : Animation