The LEGO Group and Lofi Girl Collaboration Teaser

September 13, 2023
Client : The LEGO Group
Work ordered : Animation and Social Media Assets

Project Details

Our mission was to craft a teaser video that would serve as the first glimpse into the collaboration between Lofi Girl and the LEGO Group. Through this teaser, we aimed to generate excitement, curiosity, and anticipation among fans, leaving them eager to explore the possibilities of this unique partnership.
Our creative team worked to ensure that the teaser video and social post visuals were a fusion of Lofi Girl’s chill vibes and LEGO®Ideas’ playful spirit. We delved deep into the essence of both brands, extracting their unique qualities and weaving them together into a cohesive narrative.

Stay tuned for the full reveal of the Lofi Girl and the LEGO Group collaboration, where music meets imagination in a harmonious blend of tranquility and creativity. Join us on this journey as we continue to break boundaries, explore new horizons, and inspire a world where art knows no limits.

Team : 
Carole : Executive Creative Director and Producer
Margaux Peltat : Illustration Background
Guregure Yo : Initial Animation
Laura Bisson : Character & Cat Animation
Sarah Sigier : Social Media Visual

Project Video