Synthwave Radio Teasers

April 11, 2023
Client : Lofi Girl
Work ordered : Illustration, Loops and Animations

Project Details

Series of teasers and events to announce the new radio on Lofi Girl’s channel.

Team :
Carole : Executive Creative Director and Producer
YiChen Shen : Initial Room Design
Andreas Provoost : Initial Character Design
Margaux Peltat : Character and Dog Design
Enrico Camerra : Room Illustrator
Camille Sule : Outside Room Illustrator
Jaka Prawira : Illustration Touch-ups
Nathalie Baraton : Character Animation on Radio
Nils Kullack : Character and Dog Moving Animations
Adrian Kirby : Lava Lamp and Fish Animations, Morse Code Animation
Davide Monteleone : Zoom in/Zoom out Animator
Marylou Canard : Neon Lamp Animation
Sarah Sigier : Lofi Girl position change Illustrator